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CEO, Co-founder and Head Chef

It is without question that Dannica's destiny is to be in a kitchen; it was evident as a small child "helping" her father in the commercial kitchens he managed, to being a teenager baking cookies and cupcakes for any and every occasion. When she was in her early 20's she lived in Seattle and didn’t know very many people, so she dove head first into cookbooks and culinary TV shows; eager to learn it all. Her roommates benefitted from her passion as she was always whipping up some culinary masterpiece and keeping them well-fed. When she moved back to San Diego (her hometown), she decided to go to pastry school. The idea behind her enrolling in the pastry program is that baking is a science and much harder to teach oneself, so she sought professional instruction in order to perfect this craft. After graduating the pastry program,   Dannica gained experience as a pastry chef, however she yearned to branch out within the culinary industry. While she still continues to  bake up a storm, her love for savory cooking has taken over. To this day, she continues to expand upon her culinary skills. Outside of her professional chef life, she is always cooking for friends and family and experimenting with new recipes and flavor combinations. 
In late 2017, Dannica was looking for some extra income and, by way of the universe a chef friend of hers offered to have her wash dishes for her paleo / customized catering company one day a week. Coincidently, the sous chef in the very same kitchen happened to be a former co-worker of hers and attested to her culinary skills; shortly thereafter they were put to the test. From that day on she worked her way from part time dish washer/ prep cook to full time kitchen supervisor and event lead. In the last two years she has catered over a 100+ weddings and other events, including several retreats. The owner of the company  has called upon her creative skills in concocting new menu items to entrusting her with executing entire events from start to finish. All this experience has reinforced that  Dannica has really discovered that she loves being in a kitchen while continuing to spread her culinary wings. It is apparent that her passion is providing people with amazing cuisine that comes from the depths of her heart and soul. 
Dannica’s contribution to The Great Vibe Tribe Retreats is an unparalleled love of cooking and creativity, which is exhibited in the taste and presentation of her food . She has knowledge and experience with gluten free, paleo, vegetarian, and vegan cuisine, which allows her to cater to everyone’s dietary preferences and needs. She thinks it is extremely important to satisfy the taste buds of all for whom she cooks. 
As the co-owner and founder of The Great Vibe Tribe Retreats she wants to bring her own beliefs of the Law of Attraction to people; by way of her cuisine and the activities and practices that her company offers others. She seeks to help others by encouraging practicing gratitude and positivity, introspection with intention, helping shape goals and the path for taking actions to pursue those goals. She strongly believes in providing different modalities of holistic wellness to help balance and create a better quality of life for all clients. Dannica hopes  the retreats and programs she helps create will shed light on some of the amazing ways we as humans can open our minds and hearts to new ways of thinking in order to make the most out of life. 

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